Crane Training Schools Saskatoon

Crane Training Schools Saskatoon

Crane Training Schools Saskatoon - Our different Mobile Crane Operation programs are designed for experienced operators who needs re-certification or certification, and for inexperienced people who are searching for their first job as a crane operator. Industry demand for certified crane operators is high all around the nation. Crane operator positions are high due to their high rates of pay. Crane operators are among the highest paid of whichever heavy equipment operator.

Our Crane Training Schools include training and instruction for various mobile cranes. Course content comprises Crane Set-up, Wire Rope, Lift Planning, Load Dynamics, Load Charts, Rigging, and Signaling.

The Crane Training School program is suitable for operators, riggers and supervisors. Course materials comprise a manual and informative hand-outs. The illustrated safety instruction manual features one hundred to two hundred fifty pages, depending on the course, of important and helpful material. Course materials include load charts and load chart exercises for the crane with which the trainee is working.

Hands-On Safety Training will take up over half of the course curriculum. The practical training section is the most useful method to improving and developing personal skill levels. Just certified journeyman crane instructors are chosen to teach the courses. Our instructors have numerous years of business experience.

Optional testing mechanisms are provided for all of our courses. Students would normally write tests both before and after training. A test for skills is generally administered for programs that comprise H.O.S.T. Individuals training will be tested and graded.

We provide certified training programs for the following cranes: Fixed and Swing Cab Mobile Hydraulic Cranes; Lattice Boom/Crawler Cranes; Articulated Boom/ Knuckleboom Cranes; Rigging / Signalperson Certification and Training; In-The Seat Training and Certification & Testing.

As the new business requirements emerge, the industry standards of practice also change. The business sees constant updates to legislation and regulations, in addition to equipment and technology enhancements. Industry data analysis and collection identify trends which are changing. Members maintain the advantage of managing their training programs and certifications. Mobile device alerts keep members ahead of personal and workplace safety news.

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We provide a variety of options to help teach your staff. Instruction can be conducted at our site or at your facility. Our aptitude to tailor our training methods to your equipment is what sets us apart from our competition.

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