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Doosan Forklift

Doosan Forklift Training Saskatoon - Doosan Infracore Company Ltd. is an international and intercontinental organization which features Defense Industry Products, Industrial Vehicles, Diesel Engines, Automation Systems, Machine Tools and Construction Equipment.

Their United States partner, Doosan Infracore America Corporation, situated in Suwanee, Georgia houses a 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility, home to a Compact Equipment and Construction division. Cleveland, Ohio houses the Lift Truck division, and West Caldwell, New Jersey has a Machine Tool division. The U.S. headquarters in Georgia facilitates a first rate parts operation capable of supplying an excess of 25,000 line items to support Lift Truck, Compact Equipment, Machine Tool and Construction consumer wishes.

With a network consisting of over 90 independent sellers, the lift truck group provides quality materials handling equipment to the broad North American market. Doosan Infracore America Lift Truck sellers successfully operate in over 220 service and product sales places all through Canada and the U.S. The lift truck product line impressively includes 63 distinctive versions consisting of 82 various battery and engine configurations of Electric-powered and Internal Combustion vehicles. Capacities of these various truck models range from 3,000 to 33,000 lbs. All trucks are built in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Doosan Infracore America is the fastest expanding forklift business in the North American marketplace, due to their stability in maintaining a high level of client service excellence and optimum product functioning to all Doosan Infracore Forklift users. The U.S. forklift division located in Cleveland has a skilled team knowledgeable in Product Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, Logistical and Technical Support.

Start-up of the forklift industry

Originally the home-based lift truck marketplace in Korea was an open import enterprise. Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. began in 1960, to import fully assembled forklifts as part of a domestic machinery expansion project. Sales of these goods were primarily targeted to state-run firms, large scale businesses, and the armed forces. This ultimately led to a merger with Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. In 1976, the Forklift Division begun business operations throughout Korea to service and sell this heavy equipment. By 1978, a forklift manufacturing plant was successfully completed. Continuous technical instruction grew to become the new focus for enhancing quality and product development.

Growth of Forklift Exports

Daewoo started the first home-based lift truck business in 1967, and quickly acquired a whopping 90% share in the Korean Materials Handling market. By the 1980's, Daewoo's progressive technological improvements combined with sales success placed them in a situation of substantial growth of their lift truck operations.

Caterpillar Industrial Inc. of the U.S. in 1981, proposed a cooperative venture project to help them in the very competitive North American materials handling market. This joint-venture proved highly profitable for Daewoo and their lift truck product sales expanded greatly. In 1984, the company finished construction of a new facility to help in producing high end value-added goods for export. In 1993, the corporation had a global sales network and started exporting versions they had developed through in-house technology, as an sovereign product. Certifications were then acquired from CE of Europe, UL of the United States and ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, securing growth possibilities into international marketplaces.

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