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Clark Forklift

Clark Forklift Forklift Training - Performing worldwide, there are now 350,000 Clark forklifts and lift trucks in operation, with more than 250,000 of those operating in North America. Clark has five major lines of forklifts across the globe, making it one of the most expansive organizations in the industry. Heavy duty vehicles ranging from 1,500lb to 18,000lb capacities, duel fuel, gasoline, LPG, hand powered lift trucks, narrow-aisle stackers and electric riders are some of their specialties.

Clark Totalift, covers more than 120,000 individual items designed for 20 exclusive brands of lift trucks and automated equipment. Your regional Clark Dealer is your total source for availability of all your parts requirements provided by Clark Totalift.

Clark's phenomenal Parts Distribution Facilities are conveniently stationed in Louisville, Kentucky, which serves both their clients and dealers in North America, and Changwon, South Korea, which handles their Asian sellers and consumers. For over 90 years, Clark has surpassed industry standards, being one of the most actively advancing manufacturers. Driven to offer the highest level of value and service to our users, Clark remains on the leading edge when it comes to improving output and benefiting performance.

Clark Totalift has a really amazing intercontinental support network. With over 550 locations globally, supplier representation in over 80 nations and 230 locations in North America, their high level of commitment to their clients predominates the material handling market.

Clark proudly remains an innovative leader of the material handling industry, revolutionizing safety features such as the worker restraint system. This exceptional dedication to safety is now a customary feature on every forklift.

Clark's relentless mission to possess the No. 1 Quality system in the industry is proudly demonstrated by ISO 9001 - Clark, is the first forklift producer across the world to be certified with the internationally accepted quality standard ISO 9001 for all of their manufacturing plants. Also, the ISO 14001 Environmental Stewardship System certificate was awarded to Clark's Korean facility in 2001. This paramount achievement allows Clark to be prepared for any environmental restrictions, thus placing them in a dominant industry position.

Supply Efficient Production

Clark has selected the very economical and beneficial system of "Lean Production" for its assembly plants and application of resources. This system was established to acknowledge the most successful approaches of production plant stewardship and ensuring maximum proficiency. Clark has concluded this transition of its Korean facility. COPS which is Clark Optimized Production System, equally focuses on quality of product and services and production efficiencies.

Engine Design

By working together, Clark's product suppliers and engineers communicate towards enhancing product effectiveness while minimizing expenses. The contemporary value engineering program combines progressive product improvement and delivers improved client support and service within the industry.

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